January President Message

The December luncheon was an enjoyable event, with several guests which included our own members from the “almost Greatest Generation.” There was good representation from the 1950s classes and everyone had a good time, sharing war stories. Introductions were made and we sat down for private conversation.

On December 10, there was also a good turnout for the Army – Navy Game viewing at Big Al’s in Beaverton. I do believe the Army attendance exceeded ours, but we provided equal enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the result didn’t go our way, but it was worthwhile to sustain the relationship we have forged with the West Point community. The immediate dismissal of Coach Ken has caused much consternation since that time, and, in my opinion, it wasn’t how he should have been treated considering his devotion to our institution. But things have moved on and we have another year to which we can devote our energy.

Our January luncheon has no particular theme, but we will meet, as usual on Wednesday, the 11th, to kick off the new year. As of this writing we don’t have a presentation, so come join us for good food and comradery. The following Saturday, the 14th, will be a Council meeting to get a head start on our events for the year. Then in February the meeting will be our annual Valentine’s Day Dinner.

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season with family and friends and are anticipating good things to come for 2023. I kept my golf range finder for so long that the company no longer supports it, so I got a new one for Christmas. I only wish my game was as good as my equipment. Cheers, and …