Veteran’s Lunches at Local High Schools

In the next month there are three high schools that are having a Veterans Celebration.

27 April / Friday /(0845-1500) / Glencoe High School

17 May / Thursday / (0845-1400) / Sunset High School

23 May / Wednesday / (0745-1430) / Aloha High School

There could be one or two more before the end of the school year.  The dress is strictly casual.  Lunch is provided by the school at no cost.  Some schools have an assembly to honor the Veterans.  Normally, veterans will be assigned a table in the Library/Media Center with six to eight seats.  Classes will come into the Library throughout the day and will be seated at the tables.  What you say to the kids is up to you.  On occasion, the teachers will have given the students questions.  What can you talk about:

  • Your time in the military with any particular events
  • Your life in high school and why you went into the military
  • Talk about the Academy / where it is / what it is / how you get in / etc
  • Talk about life after high school / things that affected you after college
  • Your life today and where you live and your Family

All of these things are of an interest to the kids.  There is no particular agenda.  It is a time of sharing your life with kids of today.  Every one of us had to study hard to get into the Academy.  Impress the kids just how important studying hard in high school is.  You will be surprised just how much they enjoy talking with you.   As Academy grads, we have something to share with every high school student.  Hope to see a few of you at the high schools.

For more information please contact Tim Myers ’64 .

April ’18 President’s Update

  1. If you have not done so already, please vote as soon as possible in the Western Regional Trustee election for the Alumni Association Board of Trustees there is still a short time to do it in April.  As I said last month, I won’t tell you how to vote, but I believe that Steve Hall has done a good job in his first term and would be even more effective in a second term.
  2. Our April meeting is at 1130 on 11 April at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  We will conduct officer elections and transition at the same meeting.  I will be installed on the Board of Trustees in May and it will be useful if Mike Carmichael is already installed as president before we go to Annapolis.  John Adams is running for vice president, but WE STILL NEED SOMEONE TO RUN AS SECRETARY.
  3. The May meeting will be 9 May and will be run by John Adams, since Mike and I will both be in Annapolis that week.  The meeting may be a “sea story” gathering unless someone wants to volunteer to do a review on a military related book.
  4. The chapter picnic will be at the Port of Camas/Washougal this year on 4 August 2018.  There will be a special Council meeting at Doug Bomarito’s office on 5 May devoted to the picnic.  If you want more information or would like to help, please attend that meeting.
  5. This is important, so I am going to repeat it:  We really need someone willing to run as secretary.  Pete Crystal has graciously continued as secretary emeritus pending replacement, but that can’t last much longer.