April President’s Message

The main highlight for March was that more and more people are getting vaccinated, and the VA finally announced that it is providing the service to all Vets and their spouses.  I never did get the VA to help me out, but now it’s official.  Businesses are starting to head in the direction of somewhat normal operations, so there are indicators that we are going in the right way even with the warning that there might be a spike in infections if we become more careless.

I got a little guidance from the Happy Hour group, with the consensus being August or September might be the first good opportunity to once again have a luncheon.  We also talked about potential efforts to engage those folks in other parts of Oregon.  A few years ago, a road trip was made to Bend to do an Army-Navy event there, and the year before last, there were simultaneous events at Big Al’s, in Vancouver, in Bend and in Medford (at an Army venue, I believe).


The Chapter continues to have its weekly happy hour Zoom meetings at 1800 hours every Wednesday.  We are having consistently 10 to 12 participants each week.  We would love to have all of you join in.  There is no driving required and it is a fun time to connect with local alumni.  Mike had to renew the subscription, so there is a change in the access URL.  He will be sending that out before the event each week, so don’t use one that is more than a couple of weeks old.  We had a little problem the last week of March, but we are beyond that now.  These continue to be enlightening and entertaining events, so I’m encouraging anyone who has the time and the interest to participate.

It is time for our next Council Meeting.  We will address unresolved topics from past meetings, and prepare to address anything new.  Please send matters of concern to the Chapter to me by email as you think of them.  I will prepare an agenda soon and we will likely arrange to meet at our normal, Saturday morning on the 3rd or 4th weekend of April.  More later.

Mike Carmichael is in charge of our Zoom subscription, and he asked that all of you are informed of its availability for your individual group needs.  It is a very nice option to have at our disposal, and he will accommodate you if at all possible.

Go Navy, Beat them all,

John Adams ‘69, CDR, USN (Ret)