March President’s Meeting

Besides the weather, February wasn’t earth shaking, that’s for sure, but there are signs of hope on the horizon.  I still have not been able to schedule a vaccine for Barbara and myself, but there is progress on that front, and it looks like restaurants are opening on a limited basis.  My hope is that most of us will get vaccinated in the near future and that the Spaghetti Factory will be able to accommodate us after that happens.

I’d like a little feedback on scheduling a luncheon.  My thoughts are that if they could put 20 people, appropriately distanced, in our room that we might be able to meet.  It would be wise to ensure that we don’t have more people show than are legally allowed, so we might have to take “reservations.”  And I know I would be hesitant to attend if I was not vaccinated, so I’m assuming you feel much the same way.

We met Jill Richards at the happy hour a few weeks ago, and she filled us in on her family, career, and some plans for the Blue and Gold.  All in all, it looks like the Oregon B&G will be in good hands.  I also sat in on a meeting of the Parent’s Club, enjoyed meeting all of those folks and feel that they are a vibrant, engaged support system for the Mids in (and around) the academy at this time.  USNA is certainly going through some trying times and adjustments regarding the pandemic, feelings of racial and ethnic equality and balance, athletics scheduling and ensuring that Midshipmen get the education and leadership opportunities they deserve.

Once again, coming up in April, it is time for our next Council Meeting.  We will address unresolved topics from past meetings, and prepare to address anything new.  Please send matters of concern to the Chapter to me by email as you think of them.  I will prepare an agenda in March and publish it.  Wouldn’t it be nice if this is our last, Zoom Council meeting for a long time?

Mike Carmichael is in charge of our Zoom subscription, and he asked that all of you are informed of its availability for your individual group needs.  It is a very nice option to have at our disposal, and he will accommodate you if at all possible.

Go Navy, Beat them all,

John Adams ‘69, CDR, USN (Ret)


The Chapter continues to have its weekly happy hour Zoom meetings at 1800 hours every Wednesday.  We are having consistently 10 to 12 participants each week.  We would love to have all of you join in.  There is no driving required and it is a fun time to connect with local alumni.