June President’s Message

June, 2021, President’s Message:

The future is looking a little brighter and we have a lot going on.  Specifically, it looks like there is a lot of support for the picnic and we are going to resume out monthly luncheons.  So here is the plan for the summer of 2021:


The Old Spaghetti Factory is back in the meeting business, and our room is reserved for the second Wednesday of each month (except August) beginning July 14.  The topic of discussion for July, besides meeting and greeting old friends, will be the finalization of the Picnic plans.  We will need to have a head count for the luncheon because we will be limited to 40 souls.  An invite will be sent out in late June, a response is requested in order to determine the number of attendees.  The meals will be the same, 4 entrees with one being a salad, and alcoholic beverages will be self-paid.  The fee for the meeting will have to be increased to $25 to cover the cost.  We were considering doing that before the pandemic because we were beginning to lose money every month, and the lunch is our only regular source of revenue.  The remaining way to avoid a cost increase is to consider less costly meals.

The council meeting was held on April 24, and it seems like we are continuing to not only survive, but thrive.  We have a presenter ready for our November luncheon, and that will be our normal Marine Corps birthday luncheon.


An August 21 date for our picnic has been established with a reservation of the picnic grounds at the Port of Camas/Washougal.  We have heard from USMMA and USMA, who are eagerly awaiting to join us.  USCGA has been asked and will let us know later, and we have made contact with a few representatives from USAFA.  Now I have to begin getting commitments from YOU, so that we can get a count of participants from USNA and family members, Midshipmen on leave, Parents Club and other association supporters.  The cost should be in the $10 range, with a yet to be determined family rate.  Please use my email or text to let me know if you will be joining us.


The Chapter continues to have its weekly happy hour Zoom meetings at 1800 hours every Wednesday.

Mike Carmichael is in charge of our Zoom subscription, and he asked that all of you are informed of its availability for your individual group needs.  It is a very nice option to have at our disposal, and he will accommodate you if at all possible.

Go Navy,

John Adams ‘69, CDR, USN (Ret)

John and Barbara Adams