November President’s Message

Just a short message as there is not a lot of alumni activity these days or in the immediate future.  We are having weekly Zoom happy hours which are drawing from 4 to 10 alumni weekly.  This is a good way to stay connected and have a bit of diversion from the joys of living in 2020.  Please contact the chapter for the invite.  This is a recurring meeting through the end of the year, so it is good for any Wednesday (the happy hour starts at 1800 each Wednesday).  We would love to see you there.  I do send out a weekly reminder to all that have participated in any chapter activity.

The Chapter has a zoom account that is available for use.  We use it for the weekly happy hours, any chapter meetings, Blue/Gold interviews and in the future parent club activities.  If you have the need for a zoom meeting please contact the chapter with time/date and duration.

We currently do not have any zoom meetings planned, but if any of you have ideas, we would appreciate hearing from you.  Like many of you I am pretty much zoomed out, but if there is anything we can do we would appreciate your input.

At our September Chapter meeting we did elect two council members Ron Smith ’72 and Mark Springer’89.

Lastly I would like to recognize and say fair winds and following sea to Ray and Judy Kutch.  They are relocating to Idaho.  Ray was a past president of the chapter and has been instrumental in many initiatives such as expanding the Army/Navy football game to SW Washington as well as finding and arranging for our August Picnic.  We will miss you both.