September President’s Update

First of all, I cannot think of a time when I was more proud to be a graduate of the US Naval Academy, than while watching the funeral service for Senator John McCain.  It is such a honor to have him as s distinguished graduate of our school.

Secondly, thanks to everyone who attended our picnic last month. You all made it a success.  If you did not make it, put down the first weekend in August for 2019, it will be better.  While not nearly as nice as the Jack and Butch show for so many years, it clearly exceeded my expectations.  Thanks again to Susan, Ray and Ted for all the hard work and planning.

September meeting should be a good start to the year.  Two folks from the Naval Institute will be there to let us know what is going on at the Institute (and probably let us know how we can assist them financially).  They are:  Wendy Taylor, gift officer and former Portland resident, and CDR Ward Carroll Ret. USNA 82, outreach officer.  It is not often we get folks from Annapolis back to visit so please make an effort to attend.

September we will also have a special guest.  Margie Grant, whose father William Grant, USNA 47 passed away last year, will be our guest.  She has several USNA Tee shirts that she had given to her father (says he never wore them) and would like us to take custody of them in anticipation of passing them on to future midshipmen or graduates.

The Chapter is still in need of a secretary, we are now entering our second year without one.  It would be nice if someone would step up.

Football season is starting, and we have several games that we are setting up to watch as a group.  The Air Force game is Oct 6 and we will be at Big Als.  Notre Dame will be Oct 27 and we will watch with the ND alumni at Paddies and finally Army Navy will be 12/8 once again at Big Als.

Before we witness Navy’s VICTORY over Air Force on Saturday October 6th , please join us at 1000 @ Doug Bomarito’s law offices for our semi-annual Council meeting.

Just a reminder that we will meet Wednesday October 10th at 1830 vice 1130 at the Old Spaghetti Factory, to celebrate both our Navy’s and USNA’s birthdays.

Need a Chapter Challenge Coin?  See Frank Swientek — $10 for one or much better, $25 for three. Remember, we have three games to display our pride  and the Holidays are only less than 120 days away.

Lastly, would like to give a special thanks to our Trustee, Doug Ballard.  Doug was single handedly responsible for both our being selected as a trustee chapter as well as being chosen at the Region 4 Distinguished Chapter.  Few know of the work and dedication that Doug put forth while chapter President.