May President’s Message

The May meeting will be on May 8 at the Old Spaghetti Factory at 11:30.   The meeting will feature CDR Balderson Commanding Officer of the NOSC (formerly the (Naval Reserve Center in Portland)

The July meeting on July 10 will be a special treat. Fred McDavitt. A close friend of Doug Bomarito will present an Early History of PBRs in Viet Nam.  There will be a 30 to 40-minute video followed by a presentation by Fred.  If you need to leave before the presentation is over, not a problem as the luncheon will go past 1:30.  You do not want to miss this.

We continue to plan for this year’s August Chapter picnic.  The Picnic will be August 3 in the afternoon at the same waterfront park in Washougal WA as last year.

There are lots of interesting activities coming up in the next several months.

On May 14 Sunset High School is hosting a Veterans Appreciation day.   On May 22 Aloha will host a Veterans Appreciation day.  These are wonderful chances to talk to students about USNA, and the military.  I would strongly recommend your participation.  This is one of the most meaningful activities an alumni can participate in.  To participate please contact Tim Meyers at

June 9  at 1400 will be the annual Plebe (class of 2023) going away picnic at Marjorie Stewart Community Center in Sherwood. It is a nice time to meet the incoming class and their parents.  Class of 1973, who would like to represent your class as the ALITC? Please let me know.

In May I will be traveling back to Annapolis for the annual Chapter President meeting.  Doug Ballard, our Foundation Trustee will be traveling back also for the Trustee meeting.  We both should have good update information in June on what is happening at the Boat School.

As our chapter covers a large area, most alumni do not have a chance to attend many if not all of our gatherings.  We would like to expand our activities to include some regional activities such as occasional happy hours or other gatherings.  If anyone would like to set up an alumni event let me know and I will send you the names/emails of the alumni in your regional area.  There are many alumni in some of the cities in Oregon that are a ways from Portland.  Examples include:

Bend 28 alumni

Salem 28 alumni

Vancouver 32 alumni

Eugene/Corvallis 38 alumni

I will be attempting to set up a periodic USNA happy hour for the 36 alumni in Lake Oswego.

The Parents Club of Oregon and SW Washington is sponsoring the All Academy Ball this year on December 21 at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville.  They have asked us to help them identify potential sponsors for the event.  If you know of a company that would be willing to help sponsor the event, please contact Karen Faux at (541) 760 2713, email  Thanks for your help.

Remember, Chapter Challenge Coins can be the perfect  gift.  See Frank Swientek.


We are still in need of a chapter Secretary.